Hair Replacement Services

Discover Les Jumelles, where experience and expertise enable us to advise you and accurately fit wigs and volumizers, ensuring a customized solution that meets your expectations.


The volumizer is a partial hair piece, handcrafted from natural hair. It conceals the hair loss in that specific area of the head. It integrates perfectly with existing hair using small clips.

Clip-on Volumizer Available On-Site

The Salon d’esthétique capillaire Les Jumelles stands out with its vast selection of volumizers available on-site. We carry over four hundred volumizers. We are proud to offer you a professional experience that will enable you to learn and experience first-hand the transformative effect of a volumizer.

Custom-made Volumizer

Made-to-measure volumizers can be clipped or permanently attached.

Each custom-made hair piece is a unique creation, meticulously crafted for you. Our experts take your measurements and create a mold to the shape of your head. Guided by their advice, you choose the colour, length, density, and texture of the hair, as well as its provenance or quality (Europe, China, India or Remy). Although the process takes between three and four months, we guarantee quality, optimum comfort and a result that will meet your expectations, whatever option you choose (made-to-measure or on-site piece).

Permanently Attached Volumizer

The permanently attached (with tape and adhesives) volumizer is the preferred option for those who value the convenience of washing and sleeping with their hair replacement without having to remove it daily. This technique requires a regular visit to the Salon every 4 to 5 weeks, ensuring reliable hold and impeccable styling at all times.

The adhesive and tapes used are medically approved.

See How to Take Care of Your Volumizer


At Les Jumelles, we will guide you every step of the way on your hair journey with expertise and thoughtfulness.

During your consultation, discover our wide selection of wigs made from natural or synthetic hair.
Our commitment to a natural look includes customization, precise measurements, and adjustments to ensure comfort.

We reproduce your style, so that you can feel like yourself.

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Complete Hairstyling Experience

We offer cutting, colouring, and styling services for your natural hair and your hairpiece.

Private Training

We teach you how to take care and style your hairpiece by offering you personalized advice.

Deep Treatment

We recommend a deep treatment of your hair piece every season, to give it a “moisture boost” and shine.

Repairs and Adjustments

We offer on-site repairs as well as technical and aesthetic adjustments. Entrust your head to the experts!

Complete Hairstyling Experience

Our customers love the complete styling experience offered by Les Jumelles.
Our services are rendered by a team of caring professionals by appointment only.