Our Promise to you

- To provide you with a unique experience at Les Jumelles.
- To offer you a personalized, high-quality hair solution.
- To listen and guide you according to your needs.
- To help you regain and enhance your feminine image.

Joanne qui montre un volumateur blond à une cliente

What Sets Us Apart

- Over 40 years of experience in hairdressing
- Over 30 years of hair replacement expertise
- The quality of our hair replacement pieces
- The wide range of hair pieces available on-site and made to our specifications
- Hair correction available in one or two visits

(In the middle, Line, the hairdresser who has been with us for 40 years)

photo des jumelles et Line avec les ballons pour fêter les 40 ans.

Our History

The salon was inaugurated on July 1, 1983.
Carole and Joanne worked as hair stylists for 12 years, offering traditional hairdressing services for men and women.
In 1995, after attending a convention in Las Vegas, Carole and Joanne decided to take on a new challenge: hair replacement.
They began by offering wigs, which they adjusted and customized, before expanding their services to include volumizers.
Always on the forefront of the latest trends, they succeeded in merging their passion with their unrivalled expertise to restore women’s confidence and provide them with a service that exceeds expectations.

Ancienne photo de coiffure de Joanne et Carole en 1995

The Next Generation

Following in her mother Joanne’s footsteps, Félicia will be proud to take over the salon. She is dynamic, eager to please and very empathetic. Little by little, she has worked her way up the ranks and carved out a place for herself on the Salon d’esthétique capillaire Les Jumelles’ team. Customers and employees alike have enthusiastically embraced her!