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Les deux Jumelles avec leur fille.
15 000+
More than 15,000 women have benefited from our services.
More than 40 years of hairdressing experience
More than 30 years of hair replacement expertise

A Personalized Solution

Whatever your discomfort or the complexity of your hair condition, we are here to support you and to offer you a solution that will exceed your expectations!

Joanne and Carole Taillefer, an experienced duo surrounded by specialized technicians who share their values and work wholeheartedly to restore your confidence and self-esteem.

On-Site Volumizer

Discover our wide selection of hair pieces available on-site and you’ll notice right away how a volumizer can change your look.

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Custom-made Volumizer

The custom-made hair piece is unique and specially designed for you

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We can recreate the look of your initial hair. A wig is a complete hair prosthesis that covers the entire head. The wigs are available in natural or synthetic hair.

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The photos and testimonials of our customers speak volumes!


Recognized for our Talent and our Customer Service.

Founded in 1983 by twins Joanne and Carole Taillefer, the Salon d’esthétique capillaire Les Jumelles is now one of the leading hair replacement salons.

In October 2023, the Société académique d’encouragement Arts-Sciences-Lettres de Paris presented Joanne and Carole Taillefer with the silver medal for their brilliant career.

Hair aesthetics is much more than a profession for Les Jumelles; it’s a combination of technical expertise, knowledge of the latest trends and concern for the state of mind of every woman we meet.

Joanne’s daughter Félicia, hairdresser and manager of the Salon d’esthétique capillaire Les Jumelles, will be taking over in the future.

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