Private Consultation

We are here to guide you and give you some advice

You will be warmly welcomed by Joanne or Carole Taillefer in one of their six private cabins to discuss your needs. This one-hour meeting is designed to guide you in order to offer you the solution that will best meet your requirements. 

You will have access to a vast collection of hair pieces, exclusive to Les Jumelles. These pieces are specially designed according to Les Jumelles’ requirements and quality standards to ensure the most natural results. You will be able to try out hair pieces carefully chosen for you, or to have one made to measure. Thanks to Les Jumelles’ talent and expertise, you will have the pleasure to discover the hair you have been hoping for. 

You will be able to talk about the length, thickness, colour, and texture of your dream hair. In addition, you will receive all the information you need to care for your hair piece. 

The consultation is offered without any obligation on your part. 

It costs $50,00 + tax and will not be charged if you buy or order a hair prosthesis.

The final decision is yours. 

Nous sommes là pour vous guider
Nous sommes là pour vous guider

The consultation comprises

  • A meeting with one of the specialists: Carole or Joanne.
  • A complete analysis to understand the required hair replacement solution.
  • Recommendations for a personalized solution.
  • The possibility to try on hair pieces available at the Salon.
  • A discussion of your priorities, tastes, and expectations to help you make the right choice.


Virtual consultation with a certified specialist (Call us for More Information).

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