Hair Replacement

An enhancement to feel better about yourself

Amélie sans son volumateur
Amélie sans son volumateur

We offer WOMEN an exclusive service that successfully meets the expectations of those looking for a quality hair piece. Depending on your needs, the hair replacement piece can be complete or partial.

  • To give you a new look or recapture your own.
  • To boost your self-esteem and feel good about yourself.
  • To regain a youthful look.

Hair replacement greatly contributes to your well-being and your quality of life. It has a real impact on your appearance and your psychological state.

Amélie avec son volumateur
Amélie avec son volumateur
Carole qui coupe les cheveux d'une cliente

A newfound happiness

For whatever cause or reason, whether it be heredity, accident, illness or any other, we effectively correct complete, partial, sudden, or progressive hair loss, and give volume to thinning hair.

We are committed to meeting your priority needs while making our hair replacement undetectable.

"Our hair replacement pieces have proven their worth."

A hair replacement made for you

The volumizer corrects partial hair loss with an effective aesthetic method. It is suitable for all hair types and ages.

  • Appearance of a nonsurgical micro hair replacement
  • Perfect imitation of the scalp
  • Reproduction of the root effect and the illusion of hair growth

Various situations make it impossible for people to have their hair loss corrected by a medical solution. Hair replacement, which is an aesthetic enhancement solution, is then required.

It is an appealing and effective alternative to surgical treatments, and is also indicated to cover temporary hair loss.

Curly, straight, coloured, permed, thin, etc., we can replicate your own hair. Each of our pieces is unique.

Julie pose avec un remplacement capillaire
Julie pose avec un remplacement capillaire

A comprehensive service

Complete specialized hairdressing services provided by caring professionals.

  • Interpretation and reproduction of the original appearance of your hair from a photo or strand of hair (colour, density, texture, direction of hair growth, etc.)
  • Technical and aesthetic adjustments offered at the Salon
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Techniques
    • fusion for integration
    • colouring (gradient, shading)
  • Cutting and colouring
  • Hairstyling and maintenance tips
Longs cheveux ondulés disposés sur le côté
Longs cheveux ondulés disposés sur le côté

An aesthetic solution

Hair replacement is undetectable to the eye and to the touch. The choice of quality products and the meticulous work of the specialist make it difficult to detect the difference between your hair and the hair replacement.

It is an art that requires a creative talent and a real technical mastery from its professionals as well as a compassionate customer relationship.

We also offer a complete hairdressing and maintenance service by appointment. We will give you the appropriate advice for your hair replacement piece should you wish to style it yourself or to entrust it to your hairdresser.

You can also benefit, by appointment, from a private training session with our technician to perfect your hairdressing skills.