Volumizer and Nonsurgical Micro Hair Replacement

What is a volumizer?

A volumizer is a partial hair piece.

It covers hair loss on a specific area of the head.

It allows to:

  • Restore volume to fine or thinning hair.
  • Have longer hair
  • Mask a discoloured regrowth.
  • Camouflage hair loss in a specific area.
  • Achieve a desired extreme transformation.
  • Have your hair looking good all the time, easily and quickly.

The Collection Les Jumelles comprises unique hair pieces created according to their recommendations and available at the Salon.

A nonsurgical micro hair replacement

Treat yourself to the best in hair technology thanks to Les Jumelles’ unique expertise.

Regardless of your discomfort or how complex your hair loss problem is, Les Jumelles have a proven solution for you. The nonsurgical micro hair replacement can be tested at the Salon. Do not hesitate to call us for an appointment.At the Salon, we will discuss your needs, the volume of hair you desire, its precise colour, length, etc. until you are completely satisfied. 

Choosing a semi-permanent volumizer

The hair piece is attached to the existing hair daily using small, completely invisible clips. The semi-permanent volumizer is the option recommended by Les Jumelles for a very first hair replacement.

A large selection of hair pieces is available at the Salon.

Our volumizers are handmade using natural hair and are created in accordance with our requirements and our quality standards. They perfectly imitate the human scalp (nonsurgical micro hair replacement).

For a personalized solution, we perform a styled cut with colouring or highlights for a perfect integration with existing hair.

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Choosing a permanent volumizer

A second technique is available for fixing a hair piece.

The permanent volumizer is fused to the scalp.

This solution is favoured by those who prefer to wash and sleep with the volumizer without removing it daily.

This technique requires a second hair piece and a visit to the Salon every four weeks.

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