We are honored that our expertise has been highlighted through different media over the years.

In this section, discover our appearance on Jean Airoldi's show "Quel âge me donnez-vous?", "C'est ça la vie" hosted by Marcia Pilote and "Salut, Bonjour" with Gino Chouinard. The articles published in the magazine "Protégez-Vous" and many others, will also delight you. 


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Canal Vie

Monday, August 21, 2017
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How old do you think I am? Television Show with Jean Airoldi

Thanks to this show, we had the opportunity to participate in Josée's make over, allowing her to resolve her thin hair complex.

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Radio Canada

Friday, October 12, 2012
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C'est ça la vie Television Show

C'est ça la vie depicts today’s social issues that affect people's lives. Segment: Wigs that bring new hope.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012
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Salut Bonjour Television Show

In his weekly fashion segment, renowned designer Jean Airoldi features hairstylists Les Jumelles’ talent and presents their hair replacement pieces: volumizers and wigs. See and hear Jean Airoldi's comments on quality hair replacement.

Émission de télévision « Les docteurs »

Radio Canada

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Les docteurs Television Show

Watch the March 26, 2013, broadcast of Les docteurs for the noticed presence of Salon Les Jumelles and its renowned expertise.

For copyright reasons, we are not authorized to broadcast this segment on our website.



January 2018

"Protégez-Vous chose to publish an article on hair solutions: a topic we know very well! We are proud and honoured to have been labelled as pioneers by the magazine. A lovely recognition that we welcome with humility and joy."


September 2013

 "Joanne and Carole Taillefer are renowned stylists in hair replacement." 

Bel âge

May 2013

"The volumizer offers spectacular results!"

Journal de Montréal

September 2012
Help, I'm losing my hair!

"Alternatives to surgery. At Salon Les Jumelles in Montreal, Joanne and Carole Taillefer offer women customized solutions such as hair volumizers..."


October 2009
The beauty and the head.

"The clientele simply calls them Les Jumelles, not Carole and Joanne, not the Taillefer sisters... No, Les Jumelles. Out of affection no doubt. A feeling shared by Les Jumelles."

Clin d'oeil

September 2000
Hair prosthesis

"Are wigs outdated? No, but the term can be. We now talk about hair prostheses, Joanne and Carole Taillefer twins’ specialty, and owners of Les Jumelles Hair Aesthetics Salon."

Style de vie

February 2008
We tested Les Jumelles' solution.

"Carole and Joanne Taillefer have been working together for several years, and their success never weakens. Partners of Belle et bien dans sa peau, Les Jumelles have a real talent."

La semaine

October 2006
The hair of your dreams.

"During galas or even photo shoots, I sometimes have to use hair extensions to get a beautiful look. To help me choose what suits me best, I call on Les Jumelles."


June 2005
Au-delà de l'apparence

"Producer and host of the television program SOS Beauté, Chantal Lacroix spent six weeks with women determined to get back into shape and regain their beauty. Here is what she learned from her experience."

Coup de pouce

October 2000
Women Beauty.

« Johanne Forcionne 47 ans, designer d’intérieur adorant la vie, son mari, son beau gars de 13 ans et son amour de petite fille de 2 ans et demi, un trésor venu de Chine ! Ce qu’elle voulait… »

Dernière heure

April 11, 1998
The unusual journey of Les Jumelles, hairstyling specialists.

"Born on July 15, 1961, three minutes apart, Joanne and Carole Taillefer are twins. Physically identical, they also have similar tastes and aptitudes."

Journal de Montréal

February 2
Les Jumelles have more fun!

"Blonde, brunette, or redhead, that's not what's the most fun in life, according to Les Jumelles. They change their hair colour as they please."

Femme plus

May 1995
Always beautiful!

"Before, many women perceived hair loss as the worst side effect of chemotherapy. As a preventive measure, many hospitals install ice helmets on patients."

Femme plus

September 1995
Exceeding your limits not once but twice.

"Do the math: they are 34 years old and already have 20 years of experience. "

Journal de Montréal

February 7, 1994
Belle et bien dans sa peau.

"While waiting for hair to grow back, women can opt for wigs, scarves, handkerchiefs or turbans. Not all women lose their hair, eyebrows and eyelashes when having chemotherapy or radiotherapy."

Femme plus

October 24, 1993
Bald and beautiful.

« Connaissez-vous les Jumelles ? Joanne et Carole Taillefer. Vous savez, moi, les coiffeurs… Mais elles, c’est spécial. Elles coiffent aussi des gens qui perdent ou qui ont perdu leurs cheveux, suite à… »

Le spécialiste

March 2009
Custom hair specialists.

"Joanne and Carole Taillefer are renowned stylists in hair replacement."

Page couverture de l'article « Les traitements pour contrôler la perte de cheveux au féminin » de la revue Protégez-vous
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