Les Jumelles Taillefer

Our story

Twin sisters and inspired designers

Graduates of renowned institutions (Hair Replacement Academy and American Hair Loss Council), we have been hairstylists for over 35 years and have specialized in hair replacement for over 25 years.


1974: At 14 years old, we started working as hairdressers at the renowned Nicole Bisson Salon in Montreal.

1982: At age 22, we bought a building in the Rosemont District and set up our salon on the premises. We then called it Salon Les Jumelles.

Before becoming hair replacement specialists, we were very much in sync with the hairstyle and beauty trends. Innovative since our beginnings, we have brought about the development of hair aesthetics.

Renowned for our talent and human qualities

Surrounded by a competent team, we meet the challenge of hair improvement by unleashing our creativity and applying our own work technique. The success of our hair replacement solutions comes among other things, form our ability to interpret and reproduce the slightest detail of the existing hair and from our dedication to achieve and exceed the expected results. Over the years, we have been featured in many newspapers, magazines and TV shows.
Les Jumelles coiffant une cliente
Les Jumelles coiffant une cliente

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