Les Jumelles, are renowned for their hair styling talents and human qualities...
This section includes several reports that have appeared in newspapers, magazines, etc...

The beauty and the head

«The customers simply call them "Les Jumelles". Not Carole and Joanne or the Taillefer sisters... no: "Les Jumelles". Probably as a sign of fondness. A feeling that is well shared by the owners. After all ...»

Hair prosthesis

«Think wigs are corny? No, but the word wig probably is. We now refer to capillary prostheses, which are the specialty of the Taillefer twins, Joanne and Carole, owners of Les jumelles esthétique capillaire.»

We tested the Les jumelles solution

«Twins Carole and Joanne Taillefer have been working together for many years and their success hasn’t diminished. Partners of the “Look Good...feel Better” program for several years now, Les jumelles possess genuine talent. We at the Style de vie editorial office have tested…»

The hair of your dreams

« I sometimes use hair extensions when going to receptions or photo shoots, in order to have more beautiful hair. To help me choose what suits me best, I seek the advice of... »

Beyond appearances

« Chantal Lacroix, producer and host of the TV show SOS Beauté, spent 6 weeks accompanying women who were determined to regain their shape and beauty. Here is what she learned from her experience. »

Beauty : woman to woman

« A 47-year-old interior designer, loved her life, her husband, their handsome 13-year-old son and lovely 2-year-old daughter, a treasure that arrived from China! What she wanted… »

The uncommon journey of the Hair stylist Twins

« Born on July 15th, 1961, three minutes apart, Joanne and Carole Taillefer are twins. In addition to being physically identical, they also share similar taste and aptitudes. They were eager to... »

The twins have all the fun!

« Blonde, brunette, redhead; hair color doesn’t determine who has the most fun, according to the Taillefer twins. Being hair stylists, they change their hair color whenever the mood strikes them. But what they... »

Forever beautiful

« Before: Many women perceived hair loss as being the worst side-effect of chemotherapy. As a preventative measure, many hospitals are installing ice therapy helmets for patients... »

Surpassing your limits twice rather than once

« Do the math: they are 34 years old and already have more than twenty years experience under their belt. Joanne and Carole Taillefer were starting to wear their first bras when they... »"

Look Good...Feel Better

« While waiting for your hair to grow back: wigs, scarves, bandanas, turbans. Not everyone loses their hair, eyebrows and eyelashes due to chemotherapy or radiation treatments. However, many... »

Bald and beautiful

« Do you know the twins? Joanne and Carole Taillefer. You know me and hairdressers…But these girls are special. They also cater to people who are losing or who have lost their hair following... »
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